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Our afternoon tea may not be quite world-famous but it’s certainly well-known and much-loved in Dublin.


And now we’ve added our touch to it – think caviar, trifle, samosas, pud. All very fancy. All very creative. All very Fitzwilliam.


In The Green? In your garden?

With your Mum?  or VBF?

You choose… and enjoy this amazing treat anywhere.

Call 01 478 7000 to reserve and collect from the hotel.

Just €50.00 for two people

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Wonka’s Afternoon Tea

Inspired by Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory, this is the afternoon tea that not only keeps everyone happy for the day, but also helps make lifelong memories.

“Remember that time…?” “Oh how could I forget!”

Call 01 478 7000 to reserve

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