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Come Inn and Make Yourself at Home

Our Inn on the Green is a contemporary take on an old tradition – the Irish pub. Think of it as your new local and a melting pot of colourful locals and curious guests: Ridiculously stylish, undeniably charming, delightfully comfortable, instantly welcoming. We serve food all day – breakfast, lunch, dinner and tapas together with wine, afternoon tea and cocktails.


Now, reserve a booth or just come right on inn and make yourself at home.


Cosmopolitan, anyone? What a fabulous choice of signature, and all the familiar, cocktails.

And, of course, unusual beers and ciders together with some of the most famous in the world, made just around the corner in the Guinness brewery.

Drinks Menu

Afternoon Tea

You won’t find this anywhere else: The Fitzwilliam Hotel’s unique, wonderful interpretation of the traditional Dublin afternoon tea.

We’ve given it a little modern twist, of course, and a hefty sprinkling of style and we serve it seven days a week from 2pm to 6pm, but you need to book.

Afternoon Tea Menu

Book Your Table

To book afternoon tea, please call
+353 (0)1 478 7000 or click here: