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9 Ways to Celebrate Your Mum this Mother’s Day

What's On/ 1 March 2018
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This Mother’s Day, why not do something really special for your ma? It goes without saying that she deserves it – just think of some of the things she’s done for you over the years – and so we’ve put together a list of nine really nice ideas to help celebrate her.

1. Afternoon Tea At The Fitzwilliam Hotel

Ok, well, we had to start with this one. If you’ve experienced it you’ll know why. If you haven’t then this is the perfect excuse to come in and be astonished, yes astonished, by what is now seen to be the finest afternoon tea in Dublin. Your mother will be beside herself.

A quick look at the afternoon tea menu will convince you.

2. Cookery Lesson

From Thai to Italian to French, there are quite a few cooking classes across Dublin and we’ve got the inside track on the best of them. Have a word with one of our concierges, tell him a little about your mum and what she likes and he’ll suggest a cookery class that’ll suit her to a tea.

See what we did there?

Duck Dish at Citron Restaurant

3. Kilkenny Shopping Day

This is where you’ll find the very best in Irish design.

Get your mum a voucher to spend on something very special or an armful of wonderful things or a sumptuous lunch for her and her pals. Kilkenny Shop has been wowing your mother’s generation for generations and it’s not stopping now.

Kilkenny Shop

4. Spa Day

Let’s give your mum the full Fitzwilliam five-star treatment with a gift voucher for a luxurious spa treatment at Spirit Salon in the hotel. There’s a whole range of treatments to pick from, from the full works to just her nails.

She. Will. Love. You. For. This.

Christmas Gifts for Her

5. Picnic In The Park

Sometimes just a little gesture is enough, like a picnic across the road in St Stephen’s Green. We’ll prepare a gourmet hamper for you to enjoy in the oasis of this really beautiful Georgian square. We’ll even include some bread for you to feed to the ducks.

Have a word with the concierges to set it up.

St. Stephen's Green Aerial Photo

6. Family Shoot

This is a really great idea and one she’ll love.

A family portrait taken by a professional photographer. The most difficult thing will be to get everyone together but if you can do it, then do it. If you’d like the name of a photographer we’d recommend then have a word with our ever-resourceful concierges.

Family Hotel Offers

7. Home Styling

OK, this might sound a little ordinary to you but, honestly, sometimes mums just want to be helped to do the ordinary things. Like going to a furniture store, or spending an afternoon in Ikea, or a morning in Brown Thomas. That way she gets to do what she wants and you might get the chance to buy something she really likes. Win/win.

Brown Thomas, Grafton Street

8. Choccie Heaven

At the top of Grafton Street, just by the hotel, there’s a Butler’s Chocolate boutique. If your mum is a chocoholic then drop in and put together a box filled with her favourite types of choccies.

Butlers Chocolates

9. Custom Made Perfume

This is a fantastic gift: Take her to Parfumarija in the Westbury Mall and let her discover her own, unique perfume. She’ll be helped to explore some of the most exotic scents in the world and then to create the one unique perfume that matches her perfectly.

Well done, you.


Well that should take care of Mother’s Day this year. In fact, there’s enough here for the next nine Mother’s Days.